Leading Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml producers, Suppliers in India

Generic Name:Metronidazole Intravenous Infusion BP  
Brand Name:Metrotaj
Strength:(0.5% W/V or 500mg/100ml)
Packing:100mL IV Bottle
Therapeutic use:Anti-bacterial & Anti-biotics
Usage:Metronidazole IV is used to treat serious bacterial infections in the body.
Storage:Store below 25°C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.

Taj Pharma is among the leading Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml manufacturers in Asian nation bringing the best-quality merchandise. The company carries the wealthy expertise within the niche producing of Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml.

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Metronidazole intravenous infusion BP 500mg per 100ml (Metrotaj I.V.)

Taj Pharma is an excellent manufacturer of Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml and suppliers in the Asian nation like Taj Pharma can be dependable and pure of pharmaceuticals products.

Taj Pharma is the well-known Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml Manufacturer in the Indian nation offers peace of mind of high quality and purity. The rigorous quality control make sure that each batch of the drug brings an identical standard.

As Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml Exporters, we will cater to business queries from the subsequent geographies:

Turkey, Cyprus, Guatemala, Salvador, Jamaica, Mozambique, Ecuador, Colombia, Malawi, St Lucia, Papua Papua, Gambia, Venezuela, Trinidad & island, Somalia, Guyana, Libya, Seychelles, All archipelago Country, Sierra Leone

When it involves producing any Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml, Taj Pharmaceutical perpetually leads; Our continuous efforts is to become one among the most effective Metronidazole Infusion BP manufacturers has; We have established the Manufacturing Setup to bring the foremost standards – from analysis laboratories to sustain the best quality; as we have a large variety of life-saving medication offered at Taj pharmaceuticals. To manufacture glorious quality Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml we have a tendency to use high-standard instrumentation, with the newest technology. Our normal medication satisfies most of our customers.

Third-Party Manufacturer of Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml

Taj Pharma is widely known for producing a large variety of pharmaceutical and medical products besides Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml. Taj pharmaceutical company is extremely reputed for its competitive prices and excellent quality; value for money; moreover the manufacturing unit is nicely designed for appropriate international standards.

Sharing the safest strategies and providing the safest product to the client and shopper is our 1st priority and duty; moreover, Taj Pharma’s keen focus is that; we offer safety to consumers of Metronidazole Infusion BP and to our clients. Further, we have a tendency to additionally lookout of our employees and every qualified professional who work in the manufacturing process tasks of producing these injections. Taj pharma drugs feature a few producing units and plants in the Asian nations wherever all the processes undergo; beneath the keen steering of consultants, with that we produce a lot of rare probabilities of production of a difficult product with great accuracy. Taj Pharma drugs continue its participation in each pharmaceutical event; ensuring North American countries that able to fulfill market demands. Taj Pharma is one of the leading Metronidazole Infusion BP 500mg/100ml Suppliers everywhere in India.

WHO: GMP Certified Third Party Contract producing additionally offered for Metronidazole Infusion

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Metronidazole intravenous infusion BP 500mg per 100ml (Metrotaj I.V.)

Online Order procedure:

In order to resolve the main downside round-faced by several prescribed drugs, shoppers are that they area unit perpetually in an exceeding state of quandary once their products are sent. they’re powerless to trace the lifecycle of a product in an exceedingly clear manner which causes a loss of trust and commitment. Taj prescribed drugs have developed a completely automatic online answer that helps you to instantly verify the assembly stage of merchandise at any given time. Here area unit the few stages that you’ll see:

• Style Approved

• Carton/ Foil Received

• Stuff Ok & Batch Planned

• Batch Processed

• Testing Done

• Packing Done

• Sent from Plant

• chase No.

100% clear method

In order to present you full confidence over the standard of product we offer you with several resources such as:

• COA (Certificate of Analysis)

• Product Quality Certificate

• Batch examination Report

• Careful take a look at Report across 25+ totally different parameters

With the comfortable proofs in your hand it becomes simple to persuade others regarding the standard of your merchandise.

New Market Opportunities

We want that our customers must always keep before the competition in the market. therefore so as to create it certainly, we offer our customers valuable market intelligence supported by our 30+ years of expertise in the pharmaceutical company business.

• Timely updates regarding new product launches.

• Comparative Analysis

• Correct MRP steering

• Publicity with coaching

WHO: GMP Certified

At Taj Pharmaceutical, we have a tendency to use progressive technology, the foremost rigorous in operation procedures and we have attained a reputation for ourselves for maintaining the very best standards of quality. Taj pharmaceutical company is proud to possess received the WHO: GMP certification from Food and medicines management Department, Daman and Gujarat.

Taj pharmaceutical company as a Health Care supplier we have a tendency to place the client at the front of each call we have a tendency to create.

Taj pharmaceutical company India’s business is often contacted by common cluster e-mail: tajgroup@tajpharma.com, and questions — are forwarded to the relevant departments; in addition, phone lines, ” Please decision TAJ PHARMA’s 24X7 helpline variety i.e. 1800 222 434 (toll-free), 1800 222 825 (toll-free) Toll-free numbers area unit accessible from all landlines and mobile phones within the country.” are often utilized if -you have a look regarding the corporate, our health care business, or one among our medicines at Asian nation civil time (IST).

Direct line: +91 8448 444 095  / +91 74 0000 9975 / +91 74 0000 9976 (WhatsApp Support)

Toll free: 1-800-222-434 /  Toll free: 1-800-222-825

General EP BX: +91 twenty two 2637 4592 /  +91 2637 4593

Fax No.:+91 2634 1274

E-Mail: information ( @ ) taj pharma dot com

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