Food and Nutraceuticals products of Taj Pharma | Although we specialise in pharmaceuticals, Taj Pharmaceuticals puts the health of our patients first. We understand the increasing awareness and usage of alternative remedies, which is why with our partnership with the Taj Pharmaceutical group we have decided to launch a Nutraceuticals manufacturing and wholesale branch to our widely growing international business.

Nutraceuticals Products

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Taj Nutra Division is introducing both contract manufacturing services of nutraceuticals

The Taj Pharmaceutical, have become leaders in pharmaceutical synthesis, dosage design, formulation and packaging of medicinal products. Our sales team, based in Europe, has had a wide array of experience dealing with clients with specific needs, as well as an expertise in international pharmaceuticals regulation. Tied in with the Taj Group’s agriculture division, clients with Taj Nutra can rest assured that a customisable nutraceutical product to tailor their needs can be created without any hassle, as well as assuring the highest of quality and maximal bio-activity via formulation enhancements. Taj Nutra Division is introducing both contract manufacturing services of nutraceuticals to a finished dosage form, as well as the supply of herbal extracts or powders at the most competitive price in an international market. From protein to herbal supplements, teas, multivitamins or dietary aids, Taj Nutra Division strive to provide a large customisable choice to clients, facilitating all client budgets and needs.

Although generic and oncology drugs provided by Taj Pharmaceuticals offer the appropriate pharmacological intervention required for a patient’s health, we are not blind to the issue of patient reliance of a drug regimen for patient disease management. Lifestyle factors have become increasingly important, as well as health awareness via public health campaigns. Although their use is inherent where malnutrition ensues, additional supplementation can aid in the realms of various disease. Vitamin D has a role in preventing fracture risk in patients with osteoporosis alongside calcium supplementation[i], which is particularly relevant to countries in the northern hemisphere where sunlight is not powerful enough to provide the UV light needed for vitamin D synthesis. Supplementation in the youth can also promote growth confirming a balanced intake, psychosocial performance with iodine[ii] as well as cognitive function with the use of lipid supplementation.

In the case of cardiovascular disease with conditions such as congestive heart failure, there has been a link found between a lack in ubiquinone (CoQ10) levels in these patients, although the pathological impact is unconfirmed. Supplementation is often indicated by prescribers in order to supply CoQ10 an antioxidant, which also has a key role in cell metabolism and energy, of which is of huge need by cardiac muscle. A recent Cochrane systematic review assessed randomised control trials with the use of CoQ10 in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease[iii]. Although further large scale trials which are conducted over a longer time frame are required to confirm benefit, no risk to health or toxicity was elucidated.

Supplementation and nutraceutical use can benefit not only the patient, but also lead to a saving in healthcare expenditure downstream via prevention of hospitalisation and surgical procedures to name but a few. We also strongly believe that in the treatment of acute conditions such as cancer, the patient’s well being is key to optimum treatment and health outcomes, which can be verified with the use of nutraceuticals, as well as ensuring optimum vitamin intake is maintained where patients may have a lack of appetite. Specialised vitamins such as B6 may also have a role in the treatment of improving the well being of patients with mental and central nervous system disorders, such as schizophrenia or epilepsy.

Taj Nutra (Div. of Taj Pharmaceuticals) understand that there has been a surge in interest by the public regarding their health, and we aim to accommodate this by opening our supply chain to products such as protein supplements, multivitamins as well as dietary aids. These are accessible to international markets at the most competitive price possible. As leading entrepreneurs, we support philanthropy by supplying nutraceutical products with the client’s own label, and are always welcome to new business ventures and partnerships.

Taj Pharma headquarters in Mumbai, India features a bi-lingual sales team, being fluent in English and French. We are contactable via phone at 1800-222-434, or email at


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