Remdesivir Injection (Remdetaj) Technical Specification

Product Name:Remdesivir For Injection
Brand Name:Remdetaj
Dosage Form:Lyophilized Powder for Injection (Sterile)
Packing:100mg Vial
Route of Administration:For I.V. use only
Pack Insert/Leaflet:Covid Use Leaflet, PIL (Patient Information Leaflet), SmPC (Summary Product Characteristics)
Regulatory Documents:COA, MOA, COPP, FSC, Stability Studies, GMP, CTD Dossier
Therapeutic use:Antiviral & used to treat coronavirus (COVID-19)
Indication:Remdesivir for Injection (Remdetaj) is associate antiviral medication used for treating COVID-19. COVID-19 is caused by a pestilence referred to as a coronavirus. Remdesivir Injection stops the virus multiplying in cells and this stops the virus multiplying within the body. This will facilitate your body to beat the infection, and will assist you restore quicker.
Storage:Store below 30°C (86°F). After reconstituted vial can be stored up to 4 hours at room temperature (20°C to 25°C [68°F to 77°F]).   Store diluted remdesivir solution for infusion up to 24 hours at below 25°C or 48 hours in a refrigerator (2°C – 8°C).
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Remdesivir 100 mg Injection (Remdetaj)

Taj Pharmaceuticals is one of the few leading Remdesivir Injection (Lyophilized) makers in the Republic of India; the company exports best-quality Lyophilized Injections such as Remdesivir,  which is very essential life saving drug in the hospitalized ICU COVID patients. Our company carries the wealthy expertise with the niche production of Remdesivir Injection Lyophilized.

Taj Pharmaceuticals could be listed as an important manufacturer and Remdesivir Injection; and suppliers from the Republic of India. Taj Pharma can be trusted with the supply of such life saving drugs because of the standard operating procedures and responsible company for the manufacturing of life saving injections such as Remdesivir.

Taj Pharmaceuticals is a well-known Remdesivir Injection Manufacturer in Republic of India which offers patients the peace of mind of high-quality and pure products supplies as per GMP standards. The rigorous quality-control makes sure that each batch of the Remdesivir Injections released is the highest of quality with extensive quality testing and stability.

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Remdesivir Injection

As the Remdesivir Injection exporters, we will cater business queries from the subsequent geographies:
Turkey, Cyprus, Guatemala, Central American country, Jamaica, Mozambique, Ecuador, Colombia, Malawi, St Lucia, Papua New Guinea, Gambia, Venezuela, island & Tobago, Somalia, Guyana, Libya, Seychelles,  All West Indies Country, African countries etc. These nations many have affordability issues due to budgetary constraints to the already over expended health care systems. Hence, these are the countries which would be given priority in an emergency situation.

When it involves producing affordable Remdesivir Injection, Taj Pharmaceutical single handily leads. We have a tendency to place continuous efforts to become one of the most cost effective Remdesivir Injection manufacturers; this has impelled the corporate to bring the best standards – from best analysis instruments and Lyophilization Machine. Taj Pharma company conjointly encompasses a big selection of life saving medication on the market; Specially all Covid support products at an affordable price. To manufacture an excellent quality Remdesivir Injection; we have a tendency to use high-standard 30ml tabular vials and best in the industry LSI Lyophilization Equipment, with the most recent technology. For our company medication satisfy is first priority for most of our customers who could be using our medicines in a Critical Care condition.


Taj Pharmaceuticals, an outstanding Remdesivir Injection manufacturer in Republic of India, provides high-quality injections for Covid patients needs. The organisation encompasses a total of 30 years of expertise within the specialty of Lyophilized Injection manufacturing and recently scaled up Remdesivir Injection manufacturing in an emergency situation.

Taj Pharmaceuticals is a well-known company and Remdesivir Injection suppliers from the Republic of India; many countries choose Taj Pharmaceuticals as a result of the product’s quality, manufacturers responsibility and purity.

Taj Pharmaceuticals, a well known Indian manufacturer of Remdesivir Injection, guarantees top quality and purity. The strict internal control procedures make sure that every batch of the drugs meets an equivalent high level.

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Remdesivir100 mg Injection (Remdetaj)

We can cater to business inquiries from the subsequent geographies as Remdesivir Injection exporters:
Sea Countries: Cambodia, Philippines
LTAM: Venezuela
Africa: Nigeria, Seychelles, and Sudan.
Taj Pharmaceuticals is rapidly on high alert since it started manufacturing and supply of Remdesivir Injections. The company has brought best quality standards – from random vials analysis from external laboratories to maintenance best standards– and as a result of its constant efforts to become the best Remdesivir Injection exporters from India. Taj Pharmaceuticals offers a comprehensive variety of life-saving medications. We have a tendency to use top-of-the-line instruments and with-it best in business technologies to provide high-quality Remdesivir Injection. The bulk of our MOH from several nations are happy with our regular medications supplies under the urgent public healthcare needs.

Taj Pharmaceuticals is understood for manufacturing a spread of pharmaceutical and medical product, as well as Remdesivir Injection. The company is conjointly celebrated for its affordable generic medication, that is good for the emergency bulk needs of several small budget nations across the globe.
Our first priority and obligation is to share the safest ways that and supply the safest product to our customers and purchasers. Taj Pharmaceuticals is concentrated on providing our customers with the access to afford Remdesivir Injections; furthermore we also take care of our workers and the other professionals that are in the manufacturing unit concerned within the producing of those injections. Taj Pharmaceuticals encompasses a few producing sites and plants in Republic of India, wherever all the manufacturing standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed with the strict management of guideleines, increasing the probabilities error free manufacturing a good product with current exactness. Taj Pharmaceuticals could be a vital manufacturer and provider of Remdesivir Injections in Republic of India and Third Party Contract Manufacturer.

Taj Pharmaceuticals is standard for producing steps of pharmaceutical and medical merchandise along side critical care injections such as Remdesivir Injection. Taj Pharma company is incredibly notable for its affordable and competitive prices for critical care lifesaving products; that can be imported by the global nations.

Remdesivir injection – Taj Pharma Latest Price, Exporters, Manufacturers & Suppliers - Taj Pharma
Remdesivir Injection

Sharing the safest ways and providing the safest product to the client and consumer is our initial purity and duty furthermore. Taj Pharma’s keen focus is that we offer safety to the patients of Remdesivir Injection and to our MOH clients. Taj Pharmaceuticals is one in every of the leading Remdesivir Injection makers suppliers everywhere in the Republic of India. WHO:GMP Certified Third Party Contract producing conjointly on the market.

WHO:GMP Certified Company

At Taj Pharmaceuticals, we have a tendency to use progressive technology, the foremost rigorous operational procedures and that we have attained a reputation for ourselves for maintaining the very best standards of quality. Taj Pharma company in the Republic of India is proud to possess received the WHO:GMP certification from Food and medicines management Department, Daman and Gujarat.

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