What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is not merely offering “natural” treatments in the place of medications, it is a framework of health care. There are six principles of naturopathic medicine which make it a unique model of care. These principles include:

  • First, Do No Harm- by offering the least invasive and safest forms of treatment
  • Doctor As Teacher- by educating patients about their body, they can take control in achieving and maintaining health
  • Support The Healing Power Of Nature- by offering the body what it needs to promote it’s innate ability to heal itself
  • Identify And Treat The Root Cause- by looking beyond the symptoms and digging deep to understand and address the core underlying imbalance
  • Treat The Whole Person- by viewing the body as one integrated system including the actions of the mind, body and spirit
  • Prevention- by providing the tools to prevent illness before it occurs, to promote a vibrant and thriving life

Naturopathic medicine provides a foundation which allows a more thorough and complete understanding of all health concerns. It offers personalized, root cause-focused health care, that recognizes that the body is composed of complex systems that work in unison.


I come from a family that recognizes the importance of nutritious foods, adequate movement and promoting positivity. From a young age, I was also exposed to alternative medicine and therapies. This was the norm in my family, but I quickly realized this wasn’t the norm for everyone. I found joy in educating those around me on the importance of health and why I was taking the list of supplements that my mom ‘prescribed’ me…

By the time I was graduating from high school, I had decided I was going to become a doctor. I was passionate about all things health and wellness, and I had good grades… so it seemed obvious to me that I would go to conventional medical school. However, I soon recognized that my beliefs and values were not aligned with those of our medical system. I chose to become a naturopathic doctor because I value preventative medicine, I believe in empowering people to take their health into their own hands, and I appreciate the unique needs of each individual. I respect the conventional medical system for what it is and I value its use in times of need, however naturopathic medicine allows me to offer the care that I believe every individual deserves.

My purpose is to help others pave the way for a full and purposeful life, and I believe that starts with your true health. A quote I really like goes something like this: “Your [medical] doctor is a lifeguard, not a swim coach.” – Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit. When we are drowning, no one would argue the fact that you need a lifeguard, but I chose naturopathic medicine because I wanted to be a swim coach.