Unveiling Excellence in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Your Trusted Pharmaceutical Partner for Global Excellence

Taj Pharma India Ltd., a pinnacle in pharmaceutical manufacturing, stands as a beacon of excellence in serving the world’s leading companies. With an unparalleled legacy of three decades in the pharmaceutical industry, we have forged an indelible mark as a WHO GMP certified company, backed by a fraternity of seasoned professionals.

Unveiling Our Profile

Established in 1986 – A Legacy of Dedication

For over three decades, Taj Pharma India Ltd. has been at the forefront of pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing. Our journey, which commenced in 1986, has been defined by unwavering dedication and commitment to quality. This longevity stands as a testament to our unyielding passion for excellence.

Pharmaceutical Prowess and Manufacturing Expertise

With vast experience in pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing, we have achieved the zenith of our field. Our expertise extends across a diverse range of pharmaceutical products, each manufactured with precision and care.

Recognitions and Accolades

Our commitment to quality has earned us prestigious certifications, including ISO9001:2015 and accreditation from notable regulatory bodies such as NAFDAC, FDA Ghana, Yemen Cambodia, FDA Philippines, and FDA Afghanistan. These acknowledgments reinforce our dedication to adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Diverse Portfolio of Formulations

Taj Pharma’s product portfolio is a symphony of innovation, catering to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal, and veterinary sectors. With more than 1500 finished formulations, we have a comprehensive array of products that address a wide spectrum of healthcare needs.

Certificate Of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP)

Our unwavering commitment to quality is exemplified by the availability of the Certificate Of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP) for over 500 products. This certification underscores our adherence to stringent quality control measures and regulatory guidelines.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Situated across a sprawling 39000 sq meter plot area, our manufacturing facility stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. The facility boasts separate blocks for each department, ensuring optimal segregation and control of processes.

Our Product Range

Tablets and Capsules – Catering to Diverse Needs

Our expansive product range includes both Beta Lactum and Non Beta Lactum tablets and capsules. This diversity allows us to cater to a multitude of healthcare requirements, ensuring comprehensive solutions for patients worldwide.

Liquid Oral Preparations – Ensuring Patient Compliance

We prioritize patient comfort and compliance, reflected in our range of liquid oral preparations. These formulations provide ease of administration while maintaining the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

External Preparations – Holistic Dermatological Solutions

Taj Pharma’s commitment to holistic healthcare extends to our external preparations, which encompass ointments, creams, gels, solutions, shampoos, and soaps. Our formulations address a myriad of dermatological concerns, promoting skin health and well-being.

Injectables – Precision and Safety

In the realm of injectables, both liquid (Small Volume Parenteral) and dry powder injections, Taj Pharma stands as a paragon of precision and safety. Our Beta Lactum and Non Beta Lactum injectables adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Diverse Offerings – Dry Syrups, Ophthalmic Products, Nasal Drops

Taj Pharma’s diverse offerings extend to include Beta Lactum dry syrups, ophthalmic products, and nasal drops. Each product is meticulously crafted to address specific medical needs, underscoring our commitment to comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Veterinary and Herbal Formulations – A Holistic Approach

With an unwavering commitment to holistic health, our product range includes veterinary and herbal formulations. Tablets, boluses, injections, suspensions, and a comprehensive range of herbal products reflect our dedication to the well-being of animals and humans alike.

Harnessing the Power of Excellence

In a world where quality and innovation are paramount, Taj Pharma India Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our legacy, experience, and unwavering commitment to quality position us as a trusted partner for the world’s leading companies. With a diverse portfolio of formulations spanning various sectors, we are poised to address the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with precision, compassion, and excellence.

Experience the pinnacle of pharmaceutical manufacturing with Taj Pharma India Ltd. Our legacy, commitment to quality, and diverse product range position us as a global leader in the industry. Partner with us for excellence that transcends boundaries.