Top 5 Natural Supplements for Your Kid

Parents who have a growing child constantly ask the team of Canadian Health & Care Mall experts about the necessity of using vitamin supplements that are offered at this website and in regular drugstores. First and foremost, your child DOES need the daily use of synthetic vitamins that were made specifically for kids. But the proper nutrition is also required since a kid needs to receive natural vitamins even in higher amounts than the synthetic ones.  So what vitamins and natural supplements does your child need?

The benefits of vitamin supplements for a growing child:

A growing child foremost needs vitamins to develop a normal skeletal system and muscles. To prevent rickets and other deviations of the skeletal system in a growing child’s body, a child need to take with food and via vitamin supplements the daily dose of such vitamins – vitamin D3, A, B, C and omega-3 supplements. Besides skeleton’s growth they are required for:

  • Supporting immunity;
  • Recovering visual functions;
  • Preventing hypovitaminosis;
  • Strengthening bones and teeth;
  • Developing a healthy microflora;
  • Strengthening the nervous system and memory improvement.

The choice of vitamins for kids of different age

  1. From 0 to 2 years

In this age a child body needs nutrients that can be taken directly from breastfeeding. Most pediatricians recommend not to use any synthetic vitamins and minerals to maintain a newborn baby with required nutrients.

  1. From 2 to 5 years

Children’s body is in a stage of rapid development and growth, when the correct formation of the skeletal system is very important. In this age children requires to take daily calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, vitamins A, C and E, iron, zinc and folic acid. The balance of these substances in a kid’s body allows having healthy teeth and a strong skeletal system in future.

  1. From 5 to 7 years

It is the period of preparation for the school, which requires the utmost attention to the increased physical and mental exertion. Also in this period the development of posture and enhanced growth of a child’s body happens. At this stage of development of the child needs all groups of vitamins, iodine and zinc (that helps to improve memory, concentration and motor skills of a pre-school child).

  1. From 7 to 12 years

It is high time to change milk teeth along with a further development of the skeletal system. A child becomes a student of elementary school and needs vitamins to cope with the increased mental challenges and to get used to a new daily schedule. Of course, during this period a child’s body should be supported with vitamins of natural and synthetic sources to strengthen the skeletal and immune systems, to refill the lack of nutrients in a growing body. You need to give to your child calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc as well as vitamins of all groups to protect him or her from the violations in neuro-psychological and physical development.

  1. From 12 to 18

A child becomes a teenager. Puberty is foremost characterized by the intense human growth. At this age a child is more than usually inclined to stressful situations and depression. During this period, it is important to normalize functioning of a body, providing it with the sufficient amount of essential nutrients.

Top 5 natural supplements for a child

  • Calcium strengthens bones and involves in the process of growing of muscle tissue;
  • Vitamin A is responsible for the strength of the bone tissue, for its growth and strengthens the protective functions of child’s body and eye vision;
  • Vitamin B protects the muscle and bone tissues, normalizing the development of the nervous system, because of it is better absorbed protein;
  • Vitamin C is responsible for the rapid restoration of Tacna bone and blood vessels;
  • Vitamin D3 is necessary for children to better restoration of critical body tissues.

It means that basically that you child from 2 years till 18 years need to take daily the vitamin supplements with Vitamins A, B, C, D and calcium along with the proper nutrition containing other groups of vitamins.