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TAJ PHARMA INDIA LTD a India based company and have developed our own Generic branded products for the infection prevention supplies for the medical care industry. Taj Pharma India Division high-quality products and are working with reputable manufacturers in the industry to build an expanding portfolio of products for personal hygiene. Taj Pharma products can be used in hospitals and care home homes and for personal home use for those with restricted mobility. Taj Pharmaceutical products are retail ready for pharmacies and retail stores.We are now launching our products globally and in search for leading distributors and wholesalers. Taj Pharma India is base for our OTC, Nutra and retail store non prescription products.

During the current pandemic, infection control and protection is at the forefront of every mind. 

Today we specialise in both generic and branded medicines, improving the lives of patients, whether it is by fighting infections, controlling cholesterol, relieving the symptoms of asthma, or providing lifesaving injectable medicines and pain relief for cancer sufferers.

Taj Pharma India offers generic drugs and we are on e of the largest Generics medicine manufacturers in India.

What We Do

Taj Pharma India is a leading global supplier of generic medicines, branded medicines and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We offer an extensive array of products from therapeutic categories including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, dermatology, infection control, paediatrics and pain management. We also have a particular speciality in a wide array of oncology products, being one of only a few pharmaceutical companies in the world today with such an extensive oncology portfolio.
Taj Pharma India has developed an excellent reputation in export markets through its supply of generic medicines to over 70 countries. Our business has focused on, but not exclusively, African countries such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Swaziland, as well as The Middle East, South America and South East Asia in Indonesia. We believe that a full range of products, from high-end oncology drugs to non-prescription drugs should be fully accessible and affordable to every patient and we consistently work on providing the best pharmaceutical solutions to as many healthcare markets as possible.
Along with the support of its 8 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a world class R&D team, Taj Pharma India are entirely self-sufficient guaranteeing its customers continuity of supply at all times. We offer a variety of dosage forms and delivery systems including oral solids, controlled-release, steriles, injectables, topicals, liquids, transdermals, semi-solids and high-potency products.
Taj Pharma India is constantly striving to provide its clients with the very latest in cutting edge treatments at an affordable price. We believe that this can be achieved without compromising patient safety and wellbeing, as well as constantly reinvesting in the development of our products to ensure the very best is being achieved.

How we are different.

Taj Pharma India is a dynamic and diverse pharmaceutical wholesaler with a large portfolio. We specialise in oncology with over forty different anticancer drugs and dosages, making it one of the largest ranges available from a single wholesaler. We also specialise in the manufacture of antimicrobial, cardiovascular, CNS acting and gastrointestinal drugs. We can offer our clients a comprehensive variety of services, including contract manufacturing where needed. With our own supply of API, to our full manufacturing capabilities, continuity of supply is a guarantee at Taj Pharma India ensuring that at all times there is no break in patient treatment.

Since launching our large oncology range at the CPhI event in Paris 2014, Taj Pharma India has gained specialisation in non-EU sales with non-governmental organisations and hospitals. We are currently working on the registration of these products in Europe, but while that project is on-going, we are supplying to many Non-EU countries through Emergency Supply/Government Tenders and direct Hospital Supply. We feel this business model is incredibly successful, by benefiting clients requiring small quantities of niche high end medicines at a competitive price in a safe and efficient timeframe.

We would like to give you an overview of Taj Pharma India:
our background, organization, products, core belief and prospects.

TAJ PHARMA (INDIA) LTD.is the main manufacturing division of the Taj Pharmaceuticals Group. One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in India.

The last decade has witnessed a period of healthy investment and steady expansion for TAJ PHARMA (INDIA) LTD.
Our success is founded on 3 sound corporate principles:

• Absolute quality of product
• Dedicated customer service
• Dedicated focus to our specific expertise

We pride ourselves on outstanding quality to ensure consistently high demand for our products. Using only prime India sources of raw materials, all goods are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.
Our on-site quality assurance and premium laboratory facilities ensure the very latest in analytical equipment, which allow us to further support our commitment to high quality manufacturing

About Taj Pharma INDIA

Taj Pharma India develops and markets a broad range of innovative therapeutic medicines internationally featuring a niche in high-end Oncology products to over 70 countries. Taj Pharma also offer a complete range of API products and full contract manufacturing and pharma tech services. At Taj Pharma India, we are committed to improving the overall health and wellbeing of people on a global front. All of our products are manufactured to a world class standard at an affordable price. With our manufacturing capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of multiple markets around the world and we continue with our efforts to strengthen our market position and expand our product accessibility.
Taj Pharma India represents a partnership between Taj Pharmaceuticals, one of India’s leading research based pharmaceutical companies.

Why Choose Us?

What Products do we provide?

Taj Pharma India supplies numerous high quality Generic Products,Oncology Products, Brands, India Generic Products. Taj Pharma INDIA has commercialized supply lines for over 1000 Products. Mammoth capabilities and uncompromising product quality underline the core competence of the Company. Total Quality Management is the very essence of Taj Pharma India; Every detail is subjected to scrutiny – be it cGMP compliance, validation, stability studies, documentation, safety, health or environmental issues. This steadfast adherence to TQM has been highly rewarding and ensures that all products are truly world class.

How long will it take?

Taj Pharma India works hard at ensuring its products are manufactured to a world class standard at a price our customers can afford. In order to maintain our commitment, Taj Pharma India constantly strive to deliver a broad range of innovative therapeutic options ranging from Taj Pharma India generic medicines, Taj Pharma India brand medicines and high-end oncology medicines.

Will it work in all Therapeutic Category?

Taj Pharma offer a variety of dosage forms and delivery systems including oral solids, controlled-release, steriles, injectables, topicals, liquids, transdermals, semi-solids and high-potency products according to therapeutic category

The Beginnings

With a basket including personal care, health care and other products, TAJ PHARMA GROUP has set up Group Companies across the world that can manage its businesses more efficiently. Given the vast range of products, sourcing, production and marketing have been divested to leading group companies that conduct their operations independently.
Our company clear vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000 year old system of medicine. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, selecting indigenous herbs and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs and therapies. We export API, branded formulations and generic formulations to over 14 countries. Our inherent strength lies in identifying relevant API and formulations, and selling them at affordable prices across the world. All this has been possible because of our innovative and sustained marketing efforts. We are all set to spread our wings further and touch more lives across the globe.

Healthy Environment

As a responsible corporate citizen espoused to the cause of a better quality of life, Taj Pharmaceuticals accords high priority to Safety, Health and Environment. We are committed to protecting the environment we operate in, and ensuring the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the recognized leader in accelerating discovery and development of novel, small molecule drug therapies. The innovative application of our proprietary computational lead drug design technology provides the opportunity to substantially compress the time and cost of drug development and have a dramatic impact on important disease states.

Taj Pharmaceuticals products can broadly be categorized into four main ranges

Personal Care
Animal Health


The medicinal range broadly classified into four categories
Children’s Health
Men’s Health
Women’s Health
General Health

Pure Herbal & gaributti

Amalaki: Useful in treating cough, cold, sore throat and respiratory tract infections. It protects cells from free radical damage and is an excellent anti oxidant.
Arjuna: This herb improves blood circulation and is used as a tonic for the heart.
Ashvagandha: Commonly known as Winter Cherry, this herb acts as an ant-stress agent that imparts a sense of well-being and helps in coping with life’s daily stresses.
Brahmi: A well-known herb that helps in improving general alertness.
Karela: Commonly known as Bitter Gourd, it is known to aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates.
Lasuna: Commonly referred to as Garlic, Lasuna helps in controlling the excess conversion of lipids and cholesterol.
Neem: A popular herb, Neem has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying properties. It is very useful in skin disorders and helps maintain a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.
Shuddha Guggulu: It regulates fat metabolism and helps remove excess cholesterol from the body.
Shallaki: This herb treats joint problems.
Tagara: It has mild sedative properties, which are useful for insomnia and sleep disorders.
Triphala: A digestive aid compound and a bowel cleanser.
Tulasi: It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is useful in respiratory tract infections like dry or wet cough, cold and sore throat.

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