Mor Yong opens conditions for risk groups What kind of drug to treat COVID-19 BA.5 should be used?

Omicron BA.5 is a serious epidemic. “Doctor Yong” emphasizes that besides vaccination Requires special care for high-risk groups along with recommending the use of each type of treatment When should I use it? “Nation Online” is compiled here.

Covid BA.5, a subspecies of Omicron, has spread more recently. Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan or “Mor Yong”, head of the center specializes in clinical virology. Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Has posted on Facebook “Yong Poovorawan” titled “Covid 19, life must move on” by opening the conditions for receiving each type of coviral drug -19 suitable for which group When should I use it? with side effects that will occur The details are as follows.

I would like to cheer up for all those who are infected with Covid-19 who are currently infected. Although now there are a large number of infected people. But most of the symptoms are mild. because most of them have been vaccinated Especially those who received more than 3 needles, it is 4 or 5 needles, there is still a chance of infection. but symptoms will be less

In the high-risk group or the elderly, it is 608, 708, or 808. In addition to vaccination , it is also necessary to take special care.

Currently, antiviral drugs for those who are infected in high-risk groups to prevent violence or hospitalized or died need to be as fast as possible As soon as you know you’re infected or no later than 5 days.

Drugs used in high-risk groups to prevent such violence, such as Remdesivir , given intravenously for 3 days, are given as outpatients. give and go back to sleep or inpatients will greatly reduce the severity

The oral antiviral drug Paxlovid in high-risk groups can also work well. But there will be interactions with many other drugs. Take 5 days after taking it. recurring After taking the complete medication, the symptoms reappeared. to follow.

Another drug, Molnupiravir, taken by mouth, has fewer side effects. But it is strictly forbidden to give in pregnant women and children. Because the drug may affect the genetic change. which is not known long term.


It is now becoming more widely used. and know that they have to buy themselves or imported from neighboring countries I ask you to consider and consult a doctor as well.

The students had to go forward. school addiction Most of them didn’t happen while studying. Studying in the classroom is essential. Therefore, the school should not be closed. Schools should take all measures to prevent infection.

Schoolchildren tend to be addicted to mealtimes. or play together before school Or after school, before going home, they buy food to eat. Such points are therefore the spread of infection or contagious disease. so if possible Going to school should hurry and hurry back. Minimize contact take care of hygiene Wear a mask, wash your hands, set a distance.

doing some activities as a group such as attending a student camp should refrain from all activities Focusing only on teaching and learning in the classroom for the next few months will be of great help.

The education of students at this age will be effective when they grow up to be adults in working age with quality. therefore need to pay attention.

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